This is an excellent collection of the 100 best nonprofit website designs of 2016 from Everyaction.

This is the most comprehensive collection of nonprofit website designs that we have found on the web. What makes this resource so useful is you can filter the list by name, nonprofit category, and style.

This makes it very easy to see how comparable nonprofits are using their website strategically to move their organization forward.  Take a look at the overall design and take note of what you want for your website.  Find a few examples of designs that you love and give them to your web designer.  A great designer will take inspiration from your example and build a custom nonprofit website that meets your needs.

There are 6 categories of websites that are included in the 100 best nonprofit website designs of 2016:

  • Donation Dreams – Stellar donation form examples.  Pre-filled forms. Clean design. Best practices.
  • Mobile Wonders – Mobile nonprofit website design at its best.
  • The Creatives – Nonprofit website designs that think outside the box.
  • Things of Beauty – All around excellent design and world class user interaction.
  • Classic – Timeless nonprofit website designs.
  • Champs – The best of the best nonprofit website designs

According to Everyaction:

Our annual list celebrating some seriously inspiring nonprofit website designs for orgs of all sizes and aesthetics.




Click the download button to go to the external resource.  For most PDF’s, guides, and templates you will have to supply your name and email address to the original author.  Just fill out the form and the resource will be sent to your email or downloaded immediately.  Enjoy!



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