2016 Connected Nonprofit Report is comprehensive research into online giving and donations from adults in the US. 

Key findings include:

  • 90% of donors want to know how their donations are impacting the causes they support
  • 65% of donors would give more money if they felt their nonprofits knew their personal preferences—and 75% of volunteers would give more time
  • 30% of millennials are learning about opportunities through social media, nearly triple the percentage of baby boomers

Who needs it?

If you would like to know what donors care about and hard data to back up your fundraising efforts. Nonprofit board members, volunteers, and marketing teams can use this report to make educated decisions.

Why it’s Important

Understanding the general public and its incentives in donating will help you target your donors with the right message.

How to Use it

Share this report with your nonprofit board and anyone who is responsible for your marketing messages.


This report was provided by Salesforce:
Salesforce.org just released the first-ever “Connected Nonprofit Report,” surveying more than 1,500 U.S. adults who donate and volunteer at nonprofits, to understand the current state of giving and how people engage with nonprofit organizations.

2016 Connected Nonprofit Report

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