A downloadable PDF nonprofit email deliverability study from Everyaction that explains how you can improve your donations by changing a few practices in your nonprofits newsletter or email donation list.

This PDF is 16 pages long and the table of contents are as follows:

  • 1 About the Author
  • 5 Executive Summary
  • 10 How much does spam cost nonprofits annually?
  • 15 What can organizations do to improve their deliverability?
  • 16 Resources

If you are currently sending a newsletter or are building an email list (hint: you should be!) then you especially need to read page 15 that goes over these tweaks:

  • Opt-In and Confirm – make sure your donors are opting-in to receiving your emails. Your mass email service should confirm all opt-ins.
  • Ramp up with a “Welcome Series” – New opt-ins are onboarded more successfully with a short series of emails delivering value.
  • Look beyond opens and clicks – If you use Mailchimp, Drip, or another modern email provider your service provides you with detailed data that you can use to understand more about what is working, test different content/titles, and improve your donations.
  • Focus on who’s getting the message – Explore your bounce rate (emails that can’t be delivered) and remove addresses that can’t be fixed.
  • Pay attention to inactives – Email inactives (email addresses that haven’t opened or clicked in a month) need to be messaged differently to get them to re-engage.  Remove inactive email addresses after a year to make sure your deliverability isn’t hurt.
  • Work with your provider – Your email provider can help diagnose problems before they become a real issue.

According to Everyaction:

Our expert analysis of nonprofit email data revealed something pretty incredible: an average of 7.56% in email fundraising revenue is lost annually simply because of spam.

In this study, you’ll find:
An updated, in-depth evaluation of email data from 55 leading national nonprofits
No-nonsense breakdown of the real financial impact of spam – the numbers will surprise you!
Advice from our renowned email deliverability specialist to help lower your spam rate
Deliverability data you can use to start sending better emails!


Nonprofit Email Deliverability Study

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