This is a wonderful online resource list of the best nonprofit digital campaigns from Everyaction.

These campaign examples show the marketing graphics and photos along with campaign information like donations earned, percentage of growth, percentage toward mission, and objectives that the campaign achieved.

These example nonprofit digital campaigns will help you understand the type of work that went into a campaign, the software used, and how you can recreate their success.

This will save you time researching campaigns that are relevant to your organization.  On the site you can filter the nonprofit digital campaign list by three main sections:

  • Fundraising – Excellent digital fundraising campaigns that had a massive impact
  • Advocacy – Digital advocacy campaigns that helped nonprofits achieve their mission.
  • Awareness – Nonprofit digital campaigns that communicated effectively and spread the organization’s message.

For each campaign they have a few sections that explain the process:

  • Mission – Details about the organization’s mission, so you can understand how the example campaigns aligns with your own mission.
  • Methodology – They also have a section about methodology, so you can understand the decisions behind the campaign.
  • Impact – They conclude with the impact that the campaign had and back it up with hard numbers.

Find a few campaigns from organizations with missions similar to your own and drill down into the details to see how they made it work.


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