What is it?

Campaign Launch Template is a downloadable guide to launching a marketing campaign.  It guides you through 7 main sections and helps you fill out the template.

  • Overview – Section explaining the high level details of your campaign
  • Campaign Objectives – Your campaigns goals
  • Target Audience + Key Messaging – The market you are trying to communicate with and how
  • Audience Breakdown – Nonprofit user personas. Splitting your audience into two main groups to customize your message. Goes over motivators, messaging, and calls to action
  • Strategies + Tactics – Internal strategies and tactics to use for the nonprofit digital campaign. Covers media channels, media strategies
  • Timeline – Covers setup and implementation stages.
  • Conclusion – Next steps

Who needs it?

The Campaign Launch Template is for nonprofit board members, board presidents, and nonprofit volunteers who are tasked with creating a marketing strategy for their organization and want to make sure they don’t miss any important details.

Why it’s Important

It is important to get your strategy on paper and share it with your entire organization to get everyone on the same page.

How to Use it

Download the Word doc below and follow the instructions to fill it out thoroughly.  Make a bunch of copies and share it with your board and volunteers!


This template is provided by Everyaction:

Whatever you’re trying to do, you’re going to need a plan. With our template, your desk will be transformed into your own secret backroom perfect for scheming with your colleagues and coworkers. Whether you’re saving the climate, educating our children, or pursuing world domination (joke, joke..), you’ll need a plan to get it done. And that’s where the template comes in.

This template will help define:

Clear objectives
A strategy
Your target audience(s)
Clear and effective messaging
A multichannel media strategy
A timeline
A resources plan

With all this under your belt, you’ll have a path forward and a clear plan for launch.


Campaign Launch Template

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