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In this case study, we examine the successful collaboration between Oh Watta Night ENT, a local event planning company in Los Angeles, and Harvard Park, led by Keegan Singh. Faced with a broken website and zero online leads, Oh Watta Night ENT sought Harvard Park's expertise in web design and branding. Their partnership resulted in a complete website overhaul and an effective leads generation system, transforming their digital presence. Today, the company averages 25-35 quality leads monthly, showcasing the profound benefits of custom digital solutions and the importance of understanding unique market needs for local businesses.

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[ Before ]

The Challenge

When Oh Watta Night ENT, a locally-renowned events planning business, approached Harvard Park, their website was in a state of disarray. It wasn't generating any leads despite their extensive list of services, which includes weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, and quinceaneras. The site had broken links, outdated information, and a user interface that did not reflect the vibrant nature of their services. This hampered their growth and significantly affected their online visibility.

Oh Watta Night traffic chart from Google analytics
Local business traffic chart from Google Analytics
Local Business Homepage Design, optimized for leads
Local Business Homepage Design, optimized for leads
[ during ]

The Harvard Park Approach

As the founder of Harvard Park, Keegan Singh recognized the potential to transform their online presence through a comprehensive web design and branding overhaul. Singh and his team initiated the project with a thorough audit of Oh Watta Night ENT's existing site. They identified key problem areas such as poor site navigation, lack of a coherent brand identity, and unoptimized content.

In response, Harvard Park's multi-pronged approach involved redesigning the site for enhanced user experience, revamping the branding to reflect the company's dynamic personality, and creating a leads generation system tailored to each of the services provided by Oh Watta Night ENT.

[ Result ]

Tangible Results

Within a few months, tangible results were evident. The redesigned website, bolstered by an appealing and recognizable brand identity, started generating an average of 25-35 leads per month. Each of their service pages was equipped with a contact form, enabling potential customers to directly reach out for their specific needs.

Not only did the number of leads increase, but the quality of these leads improved too. Thanks to the site's improved usability and brand consistency, visitors felt more engaged and were more likely to inquire about Oh Watta Night ENT's services.

Local Business services package design, optimized for lead generation
Local Business services package design, optimized for lead generation
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Business Impact

For Growing Your Business

Working with Keegan Singh and Harvard Park offers local businesses like Oh Watta Night ENT the opportunity to revitalize their digital presence and achieve measurable results. Harvard Park's expertise in web design and branding, coupled with their understanding of local lead generation, enables them to deliver tailored solutions that resonate with their clients' target audiences.


Increase in website leads​

The success story of Oh Watta Night ENT demonstrates the transformative potential of thoughtful web design and effective branding.


Increase in website traffic​

The increase in quality leads and online visibility has helped Oh Watta Night ENT strengthen their position in the local events planning market.


Leads per month

Not only repaired a broken website but redefined the brand and turned it into a lead-generating machine.