The New Salem Lincoln League is a nonprofit who manages, supports, and actively markets the Lincoln New Salem Historic Site located just outside Springfield, IL.  The NSLL approached Harvard Park Digital for consultation on their proposed nonprofit web design project.

They expressed the need for a nonprofit website to help them promote the historic site and generate revenue from online sales.

Nonprofit Web Design

We worked with the NSLL to outline a high level strategy for their proposed website.  We learned that the majority of their sites visitors were students from elementary and middle schools around Central Illinois.

Harvard Park Digital proposed a plan for a nonprofit web design project that would be a resource for students researching Abraham Lincoln. The project would allow students to interact with the website and learn about the historic site before they took a field trip.

Ecommerce Store

Nonprofit Ecommerce Website Design

Nonprofit Ecommerce Website Design

The NSLL expressed their need for an online store to capture revenue that they were losing due to their gift stores being closed during the holiday season.  We designed a custom Woocommerce online store for the NSLL, including tax and shipping setup, so that they could sell and ship items to anywhere in the United States.

We made sure they knew how to operate the webstore by including an in person training seminar where we trained board members how to operate their new website, including how to add and edit items in the store.

Quickbooks Integration

The NSLL had specific needs for their online store because they had existing software that they used to sync accounting information between two ground store locations.

They needed to synchronize sales and inventory data between both ground store locations and their online store. We located a suitable software solution that would serve this purpose, and installed the necessary software at their physical location as well as on their ecommerce site.  This let their ground store show correct inventory levels online as well as update their Quickbooks inventory whenever an item was sold online.


  • Nonprofit Custom WordPress Website

  • Responsive Mobile Ready

  • Ecommerce Store

  • Custom Logo Design

  • Quickbooks Database Integration

  • Interactive Map

  • Interactive Timeline

  • Board Training & Collaboration


  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Graphic Design

  • Nonprofit Consulting & Strategy

  • WordPress CMS

Interactive Map & Historic Timeline

Interactive Map Design by Harvard Park Digital

Interactive Map Design by Harvard Park Digital

In keeping with the education focus, we outlined, designed, and developed custom features for the NSLL website. This included an interactive map of the New Salem Historic Site that allowed users to click on any point of interest on a map to get more information.  We redesigned their existing map and developed an interactive map to include over 30 points of interest.

The historic timeline is a slider plugin that was combined with custom slider graphics to create a timeline slider that educates visitors on the historic timeline of Abraham Lincoln in New Salem.

Interactive Timeline Slider design by Harvard Park Digital

Interactive Timeline Slider design by Harvard Park Digital

Logo Design

Nonprofit Logo Design by Harvard Park Digital

Nonprofit Logo Design by Harvard Park Digital

We offer affordable logo design to our clients as an optional add-on to our web design packages.  We begin every logo design with a design intake session where we ask the clients questions to hone in on your perfect logo type.

Then we develop 8 different directions and styles to choose from.  You can combine and mix/match the designs to create your perfect logo. This approach results in the the fastest and

strongest designs for our clients.

Multiple Logo design options by Harvard Park Digital

The New Salem Lincoln League wanted to refresh their original logo with stronger colors and branding.  We took their “Young Abraham on a horse” logo, and designed multiple logo options for them to choose from.

Board Collaboration & Training

Working with nonprofit boards comes with specific collaboration challenges that standard web agencies may not be familiar with.  To facilitate the entire boards collaboration and communication during the project we setup a Basecamp project, which is software we use specifically to allow board members to create content and make decisions.  We outlined the entire projects content and set each board member up with access to the project basecamp.  It allowed all project communications to happen in one central location.

Every one of our projects end with a tailored training session.  Here we trained the board and staff on all the actions they could take on the website.  After the training they each knew their role and how to accomplish basic tasks to manage and edit the website.


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