The Content Strategy for Website Projects PDF will show you how to focus on your websites content before you get lost in the visual aspects like which colors to use. It will help you organize your content so that your website’s layout and style will reinforce the content instead of the other way around.

Table of Contents:

  1. The business case – What are the benefits for a content-first approach.
  2. Project sales and buy-in phase – Start to win more work or get stakeholders on board easily, by selling in your content-first approach.
  3. Engagement phase – Advice and techniques to kick-off your web projects with the right mindset.
  4. Discovery phase – Introduce smart techniques for immediate insights that will benefit the entire project (and beyond).
  5. Project sales and buy-in phase – Pick up our proven methods for designing with real and proto-content to make smarter design decisions.
  6. Post launch – Learn how to sustain website content from “Day 1” onwards.

Who needs it?

This is for all the people that want to make smarter, content-led decisions on their web projects. If you’re an nonprofit or business working with a web designer on their website project, or part of an in-house team working on your own redesign, this guide is for you.

Why it’s Important for your Business or Nonprofit

People come to your website to get the information they need quickly and easily.  To achieve this, you will need to organize and prioritize your information to make the most effective website.  This guide will help you do just that!

How your Business or Nonprofit Can Use it

Download the guide below and share it with your board members or business partners.


This guide was provided by Gather Content:

If websites are primarily a vehicle for content delivery, why do so many web projects still disproportionately focus on visual design and functionality, at the expense of the content? When we treat content as an afterthought we limit our ability to make good design decisions and our sites fail to achieve their goals.

It is a constant challenge we’ve been wrestling with for years, as we try to push content to the heart of the design process and the users’ experience. This guide shares some of that experience and the practical techniques to help you emphasise content at each stage of a typical website project.


You’ll learn:

what happens when you don’t put content first … they aren’t good things
how to make the case for putting content first
how to validate your content ideas
what content questions to ask at the start of your next project
how to perform a content audit
how to map the content ecosystem
how to conduct an effective competitor analysis
how and why you should design with proto-content (and what proto-content is)
how to govern your content after launch



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