Supercharge your fundraising marketing by downloading the “How to Create Fundraising Appeals that Work” ebook! Plan, write, and design a fundraising appeal that will get actual results by following this easy to read guide.

What’s inside?

  • How to plan, write, and design fundraising appeals that get results.
  • The components of a great online fundraising campaign.
  • Real life examples of how other nonprofit organizations have created successful fundraising appeals.
  • Best practices in designing fundraising appeals that work across multiple channels.

Who needs it?

Whether your nonprofit has a marketing team or you are DIY, you can use this nonprofit marketing guide to focus your marketing efforts.

Why it’s Important

If you are already fundraising this guide will tighten up your marketing efforts and make sure you are optimizing your results. Just starting out? Use this to save time!

How to Use it

Share this guide with your team or follow the easy to read action steps. Everything inside guides you through a hassle free process.


This resource was provided by Blackbaud:

In our latest eBook, we’ve broken down the major components that great fundraising appeals are made of and how you can create your own.

The eBook includes real-world examples of successful fundraising appeals, as well as a complete workbook and checklist that will walk you through everything from creating your fundraising campaign theme to tracking your progress and reporting the results.

Let this resource be your guide to fundraising greatness!



How to Create Fundraising Appeals that Work

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