What is it?

The Essential Elements to Digital Storytelling for Nonprofits guide will help guide your writing to create stories that impact readers and drive forward your mission.  

The PDF contains 4 main sections:

  1. An Introduction to Storytelling
  2. Why Tell Great Stories? – “Stories create identity, belonging + purpose, using extraordinary experiences to bring us together.” 
  3.  Story Essentials – The problem, the heroes, and the hook.
  4. Digital Elements – Brand, design, medium, and data.
  5. Fantastic Nonprofit Storytelling Resources:

Who needs it?

Nonprofits who are just getting started with content creation or nonprofits whose content made little impact in the past.

Why it’s Important

Telling your nonprofit’s story effectively will help you connect with your readers and get more donations.

How to Use it

Outline the story that you want to tell about your nonprofit. Then, download the PDF guide below and read the sections, take notes on the various tips and how you can use them on your specific story.


This guide was provided by Everyaction:

Tell – don’t sell – your nonprofit story.

Get the Essential Elements to Digital Storytelling for Nonprofits guide and transform the way you talk about your impact.

This guide offers:

– A breakdown for writing compelling nonprofit stories
– Design and nonprofit branding best practice
– Advice for incorporating digital elements into your stories


Digital Storytelling for Nonprofits Guide

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