A Guide to Content Production Planning PDF will help put a plan in place to write and publish content for your new website.  The guide covers five chapters:

  1. Put content at the heart of your web project
  2. The content production process
  3. How to design a content production process
  4. Define your content ‘hats’
  5. Implement your content production process

Who needs it?

This guide is for nice agency folks and in-house teams who work on web projects and want to produce quality content. You’ll get the most value from this guide if you typically build sites with hundreds of pages, rather than thousands.

Why it’s Important

Content is what people consume when they browse the web. Your website needs  to produce quality content to attract attention of supporters to your webpage and services.

How to Use it

Download the Guide to Content Production Planning PDF below and share it with your board or team.  After you have developed a new website(or during!) read the guide and follow the action steps.  Follow chapter 5 to implement your content production process.


This PDF guide was provided by Gather Content:

Content production planning helps you to establish a fluid workflow around the creation and management of your project content. Everyday we work with agencies and their clients, or in house teams, who are trying to produce content for their new websites. We know just how hard it can be to get good quality content produced and published on time.

What will I learn?

This guide is full of practical advice based on many years of experience.

You’ll learn:

  • what happens when you don’t give content the attention it need
  • how to work with others to achieve content harmony
  • what a content workflow is and the stages it consists of
  • how to design a content production process
  • how to run a content production process workshop
  • how to define the roles and responsibilities in your team
  • how to engage subject experts
  • how to implement your content production process



A Guide to Content Production Planning

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