The Guide to the Nonprofit Web Design Process PDF is one of the most thorough guides to nonprofit web design available.  This guide will help you start your project and take you step by step till your nonprofit website is finished.

The guide contains 7 main sections:

I. Stakeholder Discovery
II. User Research
III. Content Strategy
IV. Information Architecture
V. Visual Design
VI. Solution Design
VII. Conclusion

Who needs it?

If you are in charge of gathering information to start a nonprofit web design project this guide will help you gather the necessary information to make the most effective website.  Nonprofit board presidents, board members, and volunteers can use this guide.

Why it’s Important

By following this guide you can be sure to give a web designer everything they need to create a website that actually gets the results you want, like increased donations, increased volunteering, and public awareness.

How to Use it

Click the link below to download the guide and share it with your board or volunteers.  Assign specific sections to members and put them all together when complete.  Give the completed information to your web designer!


This guide was provided by Blackbaud:

A Guide to the Nonprofit Web Design Process is about creating websites to serve real people, based on digital behavior today. Lacey Kruger, along with a team of Blackbaud’s web design experts, shares a process proven to help nonprofits build websites that drive support for their missions.


A Guide to the Nonprofit Web Design Process

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