What is it?

The Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide is a free downloadable Google sheet that guides you through outlining your fundraising goals.  It contains three main sections that include example data to help you understand the process:

  • Goals for donor development – Objective, Goal, Audience, and Description
  • Exploring your funding sources – Individual, Foundation, Corporate, and Grants
  • Asset Inventory – Asset, Source (Media, Community, Board, Staff, etc.), Description, Contact Name, Contact Info, and Responsible Staff

Who needs it?

Nonprofit organizations, board members, board presidents, and volunteers tasked with organizing or improving fundraising.

Why it’s Important

NGO’s need to diversify the ways they fundraise, and this template will outline your various funding sources and inform you to key missing sources.

How to Use it

Click below to download the Google Sheet (you will need to have a Google account), and follow the instructions to fill out the form data. Take note of which types of funding you need to develop and ones you can improve.  Share the document with your board to make sure everyone is on the same page!


The Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide is provided by Everyaction:

The 2016 Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide explores the fundraising planning process and breaks down each of the necessary elements that will allow you and your team to elevate your next campaign.

What you’ll get:

Sample goals for donor development
Template for mapping funding sources
Template for creating an asset inventory

Ready to plan? Get the templates you need to put your plan into action right now.


Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide

Click the download button to go to the external resource.  For most PDF’s, guides, and templates you will have to supply your name and email address to the original author.  Just fill out the form and the resource will be sent to your email or downloaded immediately.  Enjoy!


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