Nonprofit Software Buying Checklist spreadsheet will help you answer the important questions before you spend money for software. Keep all your research in one place. This spreadsheet includes:

Questions every nonprofit should ask before committing to software
Field to put answers to questions
Field to assign questions to different board/team members

Who needs it?

Nonprofits who are considering different software options should consult this guide to make sure the most important information is known before investing in software. It will also serve you as you grow your list of questions that are important to your specific nonprofit and goals.

Why it’s Important

Answering this list of questions will help you avoid the largest pitfalls that happen when you buy software that isn’t a good fit for your organization.

How to Use it

Download the spreadsheet below and share it with your board members.


The Nonprofit Software Buying Checklist was provided by Everyaction:

Download the free Nonprofit Software Buying Checklist and keep all of your donor management, CRM, and fundraising software research in one place.

This easy-to-use checklist includes:

Over 25 crucial questions to ask your potential software provider before buying
Directory of important vendor contacts
Space for keeping track of and sharing project meeting notes


Nonprofit Software Buying Checklist

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