What is it?

The Nonprofit Website Redesign Checklist is a set of comprehensive checklists that will help guide your organization through 3 key phases in your website redesign project:

  1. Planning Checklist – Outlines the major project objectives.
  2. Organizing Checklist – Get your team mobilized.
  3. Execution Checklist – Actions and deliverables.

These checklist is a summary of the Ultimate Nonprofit Website Redesign Guide.

Who needs it?

Nonprofit board presidents, board members, and volunteers who have read the Ultimate Nonprofit Website Redesign Guide and are in the process of redesigning their website can use this checklist as a summary of all the actions that need to take for a successful website.

Why it’s Important

If you are redesigning your nonprofit website, this checklist will make sure you are comprehensive in your approach.

How to Use it

First, download and read the Ultimate Nonprofit Website Redesign Guide and then download the checklist below.  Share it with the rest of your team and then use these documents to delegate tasks.


This resource is provided by Everyaction:

We published the Ultimate Nonprofit Website Redesign Guide to help you reenergize your organization’s virtual front door. Now that you’ve reviewed the 30 steps to a successful redesign, it’s time to get organized.

The Nonprofit Website Redesign Checklist breaks down the entire website overhaul process into three workable phases so you can easily manage the project from beginning to end.

Download it now, share it with your team, and see what a vibrant, functional website can do for your organization.


Nonprofit Website Redesign Checklist

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