What is it?

The Ultimate Nonprofit Website Redesign Guide is a comprehensive overview of what it takes to redesign a nonprofit website and do it the right way.

The table of contents:

5…Type and Size
6…Content Inventory
7…Start Listening
8…Let’s Get Technical
9…Branding and Design
10…Segment Your Audience
11…Research Your Market
12…Money Matters, Timing is Everything
13…Know What Success Means
14…Creating the Project Team
15…Release an RFP
16…Evaluate Potential Partners, Host a Project Kickoff
17…Know What You Like
18…Revisit the Content Plan, Get Internal Buy-in Early On
19…Get Access to the Development Environment, Focus on Big Goals
20…Let’s Get Creative!
21…Implement & Develop, Test Everything
22…Content Migration, Train Your Content Contributors
23…Administrator Training, 301 Redirects, Launch an Awesome Site
24…Create an Editorial Calendar, Were you Successful?
25…Keep up the Good Work

Who needs it?

Board presidents, members of the board, and volunteers who are responsible for managing a nonprofit website redesign project.

Why it’s Important

To be truly effective online you have to be meticulous in how you manage your website redesign project. Making sure you have all your bases covered can mean the difference between a successful website investment or waste of precious resources. The Ultimate Nonprofit Website Redesign Guide will help guide you through 30 major steps to any website redesign project.

How to Use it

Download the guide and share it with your team at the next board meeting.  After everyone has had a chance to review the Ultimate Nonprofit Website Redesign Guide, get to work implementing the various steps.


This resource is provided by Everyaction:


We can’t begin a website redesign without setting a clear roadmap for the project. The more focused you are now, the easier it is to make tough decisions later on. Identify goals and objectives for your website. Is the purpose of your site to bring awareness to your cause, develop a direct fundraising channel, build engagement with your membership, or something else? Chances are your organization is already doing great work. Now is the time to decide how your website can best communicate your wins.


Ultimate Nonprofit Website Redesign Guide

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